About Us

A New Solution for Community Paving

World Class Quality Creates World Class Results

Established in 1980 on nothing more than hard work and a dream to create a more liveable environment, Designer Pave quickly rose to become an industry leader for their use of innovative asphalt coating and stamping techniques that raise the bar for sustainable and practical paving solutions. We understand what it takes to apply cutting-edge treatments, colours, and patterns in a way that completely transforms the use of asphalt for a host of applications, including driveways, city streets, and community centres.

Our approach is to combine the inherent strength and durability of asphalt with long-lasting, vibrant, and environmentally friendly coatings that deliver an unprecedented level of wear resistance and easy maintenance.

At Designer Pave, we operate on the belief that quality stands above any other value, and our work reflects this. Stamped Asphalt is easy to maintain, slip resistant, and has a low carbon footprint that reduces damage to the environment. Our cost-friendly solutions usher in a new era of stamped asphalt and coating treatments that will visually transform any urban or community environment into a bold, brilliant location.

We are a family built company, so our values have continued to hold strong throughout the years. All of our materials are manufactured by us right here in our country to suit our environment. This means two things for you: First, you can rest assured that every project we take on is built to last. Second, while all the other companies make you wait weeks on end for special orders or out-of-stock materials, we provide you with what you need in days, not weeks. You save on the costs of shipping and transport, which is one of the reasons why our prices are the lowest in the industry. Contact Designer Pave now for a no obligation free quote.