Friction Pave

  • Fast Installation
  • Easy Repair and Maintenance
  • Multiple Colours Available
  • Extremely High Friction
  • Applicable for Asphalt or Concrete
  • Non-toxic
  • UV and Oil Resistant Colours

Friction Pave can be safely applied to either concrete or asphalt surfaces, creating a weather-resistant skid-proof layer for a durable, innovative, and cost-effective surface layer that withstands the test of time.

Our process uses a toxin-free double binder formula which we top with pigmented or natural stone to create a pavement solution that leads to safer and more sustainable roadways.

Ideal for safety zones, crosswalks, driveways, and bicycle or bus lanes, Friction Pave creates a friction layer to facilitate safe driving in hazardous conditions. It’s also commonly used on dangerous bends in the road to reduce instances of slipping or skidding.

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Download PDF