Thermo Print

  • Flexible and versatile
  • Non-toxic materials – better for the environment
  • Tensile surface friction comparable to surround asphalt
  • Fast installation
  • Cost effective
  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • Rated for heavy traffic use
  • Multiple patterns and colours

Our Proprietary Thermo Pave surfacing system creates striking visual elements in any new or existing asphalt surface.

Applicable for roadways, cross walks, safety zones, and more, Thermo Pave uses a template to mould a pattern into a heated asphalt surface, followed by the application of a thermoplastic blend designed specifically to hold the shape and form of the asphalt under any conditions.

Following application, the thermoplastic is then reheated to create a stronger bond with the surrounding asphalt particles.

Due to the inlaying of the thermo layer, it will not wear down faster than the asphalt, and creates a seal that protects the surface from water damage and heat warping.

Thermo Pave can be used on any new surface as well as most existing asphalt surfaces.

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Download PDF