What We Do

High quality asphalt stamping systems turn any surface into a durable, cost-effective, and damage-resistant solution for home or commercial use.

Designer Pave, your premium asphalt decorative solution; especially when you need quality, innovation, and environmentally friendly paving techniques that create a visually striking presentation. Our stamped asphalt is resistant to oil, fuel, moisture and the harsh Australian Climate, creating a world of potential for brilliant and cost-effective results that won’t flake, peel, or crack with heavy use. For a proven cost effective decorative surface thats made for the Australian Climate, turn to Designer Pave. Experience the transformational capacity of stamped or colored asphalt today!

Bus Lanes

Creating an easily identifiable, colour coded bus lane is one of the mainstays of safe and user-friendly street design. Coloured asphalt pavement raises visual awareness among motorists of the distinction between specialized lanes and the normal roadway, creating a safer driving experience for everybody.

Safety Zones

From loading docks to school parking lots, safety zones create a visual awareness of potential danger more effective than any sign. Stamped Asphalt paving makes it easy to inlay a variety of prints, designs, and colours so that safety zones stay safe.


As the cause of many collisions and moving accidents, roundabouts present a unique challenge to sustainable road design. Coloured medians and distinctive designs made from stamped asphalt can signal motorists to drive more cautiously as they enter the roundabout, preventing possible collisions

Exit/Entrance Ramps

Clear, visible markings on highway exit and entrance ramps represent the ultimate in strong urban street design. Brilliant colours and reflective coatings help these danger areas stand out for motorists.

Cross Walks

Pedestrian safety is one of the most important rules of the road. Decorative and pattern-oriented Friction Pave and Thermo Print techniques create cross walks that are easily identifiable, providing both motorists and pedestrians with a solid impression of safe crossing routes.

Friction Pave

Friction Pave can be safely applied to either concrete or asphalt surfaces, creating a weather-resistant skid-proof layer for a durable, innovative, and cost-effective surface layer that withstands the test of time. Our process uses a toxin-free double binder formula which we top with pigmented or natural stone to create a pavement solution that leads to safer and more sustainable roadways.