High quality asphalt stamping systems turn any surface into a durable, cost-effective, and damage-resistant solution for home or commercial use.

Welcome to Designer Pave, your premium asphalt decorative solution; especially when you need quality, innovation, and environmentally friendly paving techniques that create a visually striking presentation. Our stamped asphalt is resistant to oil, fuel, moisture and the harsh Australian Climate, creating a world of potential for brilliant and cost-effective results that won’t flake, peel, or crack with heavy use. For a proven cost effective decorative surface thats made for the Australian Climate, turn to Designer Pave.

Experience the transformational capacity of stamped or colored asphalt today!

Why Choose Designer Pave?

For more than 30 years we’ve been working hard to add a unique touch to the streets, walkways, and sidewalks of Australia. Every job we take on is a major project for us, because in the end it’s the customer that matters, and our goal is to deliver satisfaction and high quality results, on-time, every time. Choose from our low-cost Stamped Asphalt or our high visability Thermo Print system for results that fit your individual needs and budget.

At Designer Pave…

  • Our materials are 100 % Australian made, formulated to handle the harsh Australian climate
  • Designer Pave is an award winning company for the innovative use of modern stamping and coating techniques
  • We are and always have been a family owned company. Our customers come before anything else
  • Our environmentally-safe asphalt coating system keeps the costs down while protecting the landscape from environmental damage

Contact us today to discuss your unique project needs.

Phone: 0417 636 671

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